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Meetings, Demos and Workshops 2020 



The Fallbrook Art Association meeting is at the Fallbrook Woman's Club, located at 238 W Mission Rd. in Fallbrook, every 3rd Saturday of the month. It begins at 8:45 am with a 9:15 critique session done by guest artist, members are encouraged to bring one piece of their artwork to be critiqued by the guest artist. A 10:15 business meeting is followed by 10:30 -12 pm Guest Artist Demonstration, lunch break then a Workshop from 1-4 pm for those interested. The public is invited to join with member artists at these meetings.


The workshop is open to both beginners and advanced painters, members and non-members. The cost for members is $40 ($35 to the artist, $5 to FAA), and the cost for non-members is $50 ($45 to the artist, $5 to FAA). To register, call Carol Reardon at (760) 731-6677. 
Participants need to register in advance by sending in checks to reserve a spot. Reardon will email participants a list of supplies to bring, and the class agenda. 


Chick Curtis is the presenter at the Fallbrook Woman's Club.

I was asked once by someone new to painting, “Do you have to know how to draw in order to paint?” My response was: “No”. Years later when I am asked that same question, I will still give the same answer but with a caveat. Drawing is not a requirement to be able to paint, but it’s another skill you can develop to make your artwork stronger, more compelling, interesting, and fascinating. I continually practice the craft of drawing from the live model so I can render the figure as clearly as possible. It’s a reward in and of itself. Moving from the craft (figure drawing exercises) to composing the figure or figures in certain ways in a work of art creates a potential narrative for the viewer to contemplate. This narrative is not only my own. I may have an opinion about what I created, but I want the viewers to make their own stories according to their own visual response. 


Chick Curtis (Cont.)

“It is the conception which dictates the form and the color. The world and life are common, every day, and almost empty to a great many people, but there are those who see that the world and life are mysteriously wonderful.” –Robert Henri
My art contains work from studio drawings and paintings of the live model, from photographs I have taken of models, from sketches, memory and pure imagination. It tells stories without words: Sometimes strangely. Occasionally with humor. Often with beauty. Always with joy and wonderment.
“Craft is the visible edge of art.” -David Bayles, Art & Fear 

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